8 Air Conditioning Problem You Should Know

8 Air Conditioning Problem You Should Know

8 Air Conditioning Problem You Should Know

Air Conditioning Units are a common feature of most homes in the United States.

They add value to a home and keep the indoors nice and comfortable. However, AC units come with their own set of specific problems that will require AC repair.

Here is a guide to all of the most common air conditioning issues and how to fix them. Homeowners can solve many issues themselves, but you may need to call a professional.

1. AC Has Weak Airflow

In the warmer months, it’s especially easy to tell when your AC has an underlying issue. If the airflow in the ducts or filters is clogged or dirty, it can feel toasty no matter how low your turn your AC.

A blocked or dirty air filter is the number one culprit of weak airflow. When trapped dirt and debris build up, they block the passage of air into the room. They can also cause drafts and pressure imbalances.

How to fix:

The good news is that the most common problem is also the easiest fix. Simply clean your air vents or replace them. We recommend replacing air filters every 1-3 months.

The blower motor, a faulty thermostat, or leaky ducts can cause weak airflow. If the airflow does not immediately improve upon cleaning the air vents, it will be time to call an HVAC professional for some AC repair.

2. AC is Making Scary Noises

It’s common for AC units to make noise as they operate a cooling cycle. However, if you start hearing loud whistling, buzzing or even a loud bang, there’s something wrong. If ignored, the damage to the AC and your home can be disastrous.

Most of the time, a rattling or buzzing signifies that a piece of the hardware is loose. A whistling sound may point toward an airflow problem. Clicking and grinding noises usually mean a capacitor or compressor issue.

How to fix:

The most efficient way to fix this problem is to call a reliable technician to pinpoint the issue. Trying to DIY can cause even more damage to the AC.

3. AC is Smelly

If the air in your home has an unpleasant odor, it’s a warning sign of mold caused by too much moisture. Filthy air filters and animals trapped in ducts can cause odors. If the odor has a burning smell, the issue is electrical, and an oil smell can be a gas leak.

How to fix:

If you haven’t turned on the AC in a while, make sure the filters are clean; however, most of the time, foul odor is not something to be ignored or disposed of yourself. Bacteria can be harmful to yourself, your family, or your tenants. Call an expert to investigate the smell and clean or repair the area.

4. AC Won’t Turn On

When you turn your AC unit on and adjust the temperature, the fan should begin to blow almost immediately. If the AC won’t turn on at all or takes a long to start up, it can be a major problem for the unit.

How to fix:

Check to ensure that your home has power and that the AC unit is connected. Also, check to ensure that turn on the AC through the thermostat.

A fuse or faulty wire can cause malfunctions in starting up a cycle. If it’s an electrical issue, an experienced technician can solve it.

5. AC Blows Hot Air

The AC should have no issue adjusting to the temperature on the thermostat, so if you’re feeling warm air blowing out, then there’s most definitely something wrong. A faulty thermostat could be to blame, or perhaps the coil has become frozen.

How to fix:

Check your thermostat to make sure the settings are adjusted to cool air instead of warm air. If that looks correct, clean out the air filters to prevent any frozen could and request a technician for AC Repair.

6. Short Cycle

A cycle is the interval of time when the AC is blowing air. A short cycle means that the air only blows for a few minutes and then quits together, or the AC starts and stops on its own in very short cycles.

A short cycle can be an issue caused by clogged filters or ducts, or it can be due to a thermostat or electrical malfunction.

How to fix:

Check to ensure that your air filters are clean and that your thermostat is working correctly. This issue can be hazardous if these two solutions are not solved, so call an expert right away.

7. Water Leaks

Stepping in a pool of water coming from a vent or AC unit can be concerning. Puddles represent a water leak somewhere in the system. There could be a buildup of moisture due to blocked air vents or filters, or the refrigerant may have an issue.

How to fix:

Water leaks are usually not significant issues, and taking a look at refrigerant levels will easily tell you if something is wrong. If you cannot find the issue, call an expert to find the source of the leak.

8. Faulty Thermostat

If it feels like the AC won’t cool the home, just no matter how low you turn the temperature, it could be a thermostat malfunction. If the thermostat doesn’t communicate with the AC unit, the cooling cycle may never start up in the first place.

How to fix:

You might just need to replace the batteries, or if that doesn’t work, the thermostat may need to be upgraded due to normal wear and tear over time. A professional may need to come in and check for faulty wiring or calibration to solve the issue.

We recommend placing the thermostat in a shaded area out of direct sunlight to avoid reading errors. Modern smart thermostats can save on energy bills and make finding issues easier.

Need AC Maintenance, Repair, or Replacement in Granbury?

As the summer months arrive, your AC might get some heavy usage for the first time in a while, and when coming out of a dormant period, many problems can arise. This list can prepare you for the most common AC issues and whether or not you’ll be able to solve them yourself.

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your AC unit in the best shape for the longest time. However, every unit will need AC repair now and again. If you’re looking for the highest quality HVAC maintenance and repair in Granbury, Texas, contact Daffan Cooling & Heating. We’ll keep your AC in tip-top shape for the summer. Fill out our contact form and contact us here to schedule with us.

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