Discover The Latest and Not-so-Greatest Heating and Cooling Ideas on Kickstarter

Sunday, February 8th, 2015
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If you’re curious about what innovations the heating and air conditioning industry may bring us in the future, check out the web site Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site where people can post their inventions and ask for money to help make their products or services a reality. If their idea has merit, they may be able to successfully raise thousands and thousands of dollars!

At Daffan Cooling & Heating, we love to browse the site to see what interesting (and often wacky) innovations people have come up with.

But as it turns out, there happens to a few promising inventions in regard to home heating and cooling comfort.

Today, we’ll share a few of them below (and a couple of the wacky ones too).


As its name implies, this is a tubular-shaped air recirculation device with a fan system that helps bring warm our from the ceiling down to the floor to help heat the home. According to the inventors, in one test the Hot-Tubes were able to bring down a home’s electric bill by 20 percent and gas bill by 10 percent. The project was successfully funded.

Bundel Blanket

The Bundel is a horseshoe-shaped blanket designed to seal in heat from the core of your body, creating pockets of warm air around the shoulders and upper torso. The inventors don’t mention any monthly heating savings, but we suppose if you’re nice and warm in bed, you’ll be less inclined to turn up the heat! This project was successfully funded.

Sun Petal Modular Window Shading System

The inventors promote this outdoor window shade as virtually maintenance free. It is designed to block direct sunlight during times of high load on the cooling system. As of today, the inventors have raised nearly $8,000 of their $750,000 goal.

Mini Personal Air Conditioner

The inventor doesn’t offer a whole lot of details on this device, other than to say it can be worn around the neck and will “provide 10-15 degree difference in temperature to the user.” It’s expected to be about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. Unfortunately, the Mini Personal Air Conditioner was not successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Babilawn: a lawn for your window air conditioner?

Yes, we got a kick out of this one. The Babilawn is a little artificial lawn that attaches to the outside of your window air conditioner. Now why would you need this? The inventors say the Babilawn will help calm the dripping noise of the AC that keeps you up at night, and it will also scare away birds. Hmmmm. You can also add a little picket fence and garden troll to your Babilawn if you’d like. Now that’s innovation! Sadly, not funded.

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