Europe to America: Turn Your Air Conditioning Down!

Europe to America: Turn Your Air Conditioning Down!

Europe to America: Turn Your Air Conditioning Down!

The first day of fall (Sept. 23) has come and gone. Normally by now we’d be talking about a change to cooler weather and other enjoyable things autumn in Granbury is supposed to bring us.

But you know what, it’s still doggone hot. This late in October, we’re still seeing temperatures in the mid-90s. So today’s topic will be all about air conditioning.

Here at Daffan, we’re big sports fans. A lot of us enjoyed watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament in early September. The quality of tennis was spectacular of course, but one thing that caught our attention was some of the European players’ comments on air conditioning in the U.S.

Sara Errani, a 16th-seeded player from Italy who lost in the third round of the Open, blamed a sore throat, dizziness and weakness on the cold air conditioning in the locker room. In fact, she said everywhere she went in New York, the air conditioning was too cold for her taste.

“In Europe, there’s not this much air conditioning,” she said in a post-match news conference. “Here you, exaggerate a bit.” Sitting in the tournament’s media center, she emphasized her point by wearing a thick hoodie, zipped all the way up.

German Andrea Petkovic, who also was ousted in the third round, agreed with Errani that Americans love to crank up the cold temperature on their air conditioners. In an interview with the Associated Press, she said the first thing she does when she walks into her hotel room is turn off the air conditioner.

”We Europeans, we’re a little sissy. We don’t like it cold. We like it just perfect,” Petkovic said with a laugh

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