Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020
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Ever hear the saying “separating the wheat from the chaff”?

The value from the valueless?

That got me thinking about the value of certain brands.

Every day clients call us and insist they only want a Trane or only want a Lennox cooling and heating system. They believe what that “brand” has told them, or they simply have had a great experience with that brand. Either way, 100% of their great experience was dictated by how well that system was installed. Everything comes down to installation. Think of it like buying the highest quality steak and then burning it beyond recognition on the grill. It’s not any better now than the cheap steak. Installing a central cooling and heating system is very complex, requiring experience and extensive training to do it right. It doesn’t just arrive in a box that you can plug-in and go.

Because of the complexity of installation, be sure to consider a company with a good reputation, many years of experience under their belt, with installation crews that have been there for years, not just seasonal help.
Feel free to ask:

  • “How long has this installation crew worked for you?”
  • “Have you performed background checks and drug tests on them before I let them into my home?”
  • “Does your company have a quality installation checklist?”
  • “Will a Quality Control Expert come out to ensure everything was installed correctly & I understand how it works?”
  • “Will you perform a load calculation to determine the whole system is working in unison with good design, efficiency and size?”
  • “Will you respect and protect my home during installation?”-tarps, booties, cleaning up afterwards.
  • “Are you insured in case of an accident?”-General liability and Worker’s compensation
  • “Can you guarantee my energy savings?”

You get the idea.

Back to the “wheat from the chaff” idea. Think the difference in manufacturing brands is the wheat and the chaff? Really, it’s the contractor’s brand. Develop a relationship with a great contractor and the rest all falls into place. Replacing your system is a big decision. You want a contractor who will be in business many years down the road to take good care of you – not someone who’s in it for fast money only this summer with inexperienced, seasonal crews. When you call back next year for assistance their number is no longer in service, and neither is their company.

We ask you to please consider Daffan Cooling and Heating this summer should you need a new system. Our Equipment Specialist will perform a load calculation and advise your best options for free – no high pressure, or gimmicky sales pitch. With manufacturer rebates and qualifying utility incentives the savings can add up to save you a pretty penny. We always offer great financing options for every budget. * I hope you have a great summer and stay cool! But, if you need me, give me a call. We’re open 24/7 for emergencies and won’t charge you for overtime.

Sincerely, David Daffan


*Financing available with approved credit.

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