Three Ways To Protect Your Home This Storm Season

Three Ways To Protect Your Home This Storm Season | Daffan Cooling & Heating

Three Ways To Protect Your Home This Storm Season

April showers bring May flowers, right? There’s nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof and the rumble of thunder in the distance. But where there’s thunder, there’s lightning. And we don’t like lightning. Lightning strikes the Earth about 8 million times per day. Crazy, right? Lightning, while beautiful to witness from a distance, can mean bad news if it strikes near your home. So how can you protect your home from lightning? We have four tips, but first, let us tell you more about what lightning may do to your home.

When lightning strikes near your home, it can cause a power surge. What is a power surge? Great question. A power surge is, “an unexpected, temporary, uncontrolled increase in current or voltage in an electrical circuit”. When this happens, it can mean big, costly repairs. Any electronic device you have plugged into your electrical outlets can be damaged during a power surge if it’s not equipped with the proper protection. This includes your cooling and heating system. So, what can you do to avoid replacing these pieces of equipment you’ve invested your hard-earned money into? We have four tips to help lessen the stress you may feel during storm season:

  1. Inspect Your Home’s Wiring: Take a look at the wiring in your home and make sure it is not damaged or old. It may need to be repaired or replaced, especially if your home is older. If you don’t know exactly what to look for to determine if your wiring is good or bad, have an electrician take a look.
  2. Unplug Your Electronics Before Or During A Storm: If you want to make double sure your electronics are safe during a storm, you can disconnect them from the wall. You may not be able to watch TV or check Facebook on your desktop during the storm, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve prevented potential damage due to a power surge.
  3. Install Surge Protectors: Surge protectors are devices you can connect your in-home electronic gadgets to which will attempt to redirect a power surge. Thus, sparing your phone, TV, computer, etc. from certain destruction. Similarly, there are surge protectors specifically designed for cooling and heating equipment that can be professionally installed for the same purpose with the potential to save you thousands of dollars in replacement or repairs.

Electronic devices and cooling and heating systems are no small investment. This is why surge protectors are one of our most recommended pieces of equipment because we want to make sure you and your home are safe and comfortable as we move through storm season. If you want more information about installing a surge protector on your system, you can always call the Daffan team. We would love to have one of our Service Professionals come help protect you and your cooling and heating equipment.

Important To Note: If your home is directly hit by a lightning strike, a surge protector will not be able to reroute that powerful electrical surge due to the extremely high voltage. Surge protectors are more effective when there are issues within the electrical power grid that cause outages or surges.

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