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Residential HVAC Services in Granbury

If you’re looking for the best HVAC Services in Granbury look no further than Daffan Cooling & Heating. We have been serving the Granbury area for years and are committed to providing the best and highest quality service.

We offer:


  • Licensed and insured technicians
  • Five-star customer ratings and reviews
  • Emergency HVAC Services
  • AC Installation Services
  • Honest and accurate estimates
  • Professional Furnace repair service
  • Residential Indoor air quality services in Granbury
  • Affordable rates within your budget.

Our HVAC services are the best and most affordable in Granbury. We provide revolutionary and earth-friendly solutions. Our staff is approachable and understanding about any HVAC trouble.

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Faithfully Serving the Granbury Community

In addition to a rich Texas history, the community keeps busy with all the activities made possible by our natural surroundings: these include hike and bike trails, swimming in the lake, or enjoying a night out with friends on the historic square. 

The beautiful outdoor landscapes, complete with premier golf courses, keep people coming to this charming town and surrounding areas.(Tolar, Lipan and Hico, Texas). But after a summer day of exploring the sunny outdoors in Granbury, air conditioning repair or installation could become necessary. 

To balance this beautiful community, ensuring the comfort of your home during the Texas heat is a must. We take care of your Air Quality and provide indoor air quality services in Granbury so that you can enjoy the environment. For that, Daffan Cooling & Heating is here to help.

Just as air conditioning is vital during the summer months, a strong heating system is needed to get you through our unpredictable North Texas winters. Fall and winter events in the city, including the Harvest Moon Festival and the Granbury Candlelight Tour, keep everyone out and about this time of year. 



AC Repair and Maintenance You Can Trust

A well-maintained heating unit ensures you keep memories in a cozy home, ready to host family and friends. If you do find yourself in an unwelcomed igloo, Daffan Cooling & Heating is ready to help in any emergency. A NATE-certified technician is standing by for heating repair and installation services. We may have a technician in your area right now!

We are the heating and air conditioning contractor servicing clients in Granbury and surrounding North Texas areas. Daffan Cooling & Heating provides a full range of cooling, heating, insulation, and indoor air quality products and services to increase your home’s comfort level and energy efficiency. In addition, safety is a top priority to us, and all our team members have become experienced in providing service for all equipment brands.

Thanks again to Hood County for voting Daffan #1 for 12 years in a row! It’s a privilege to serve you!

HVAC Services We Offer in Granbury

No matter your HVAC issue, you can rely on Daffan to provide the best and most trustworthy service. We offer the following comprehensive HVAC services:
Furnace and AC Repair in Granbury.

Our air conditioner repair in Granbury is all-inclusive for any kind of system you have. We offer quick and affordable solutions so you can feel comfortable in your home. For the best air conditioning repair and reliable furnace repair service in Granbury, call Daffan.

HVAC Replacement and AC Installation in Granbury

A replacement is often more affordable than an expensive repair. The technicians at Daffan can recommend the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient models for your specific needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Take care of your HVAC system as it takes care of you. Save time, money and stress by investing in one of our annual or bi-annual maintenance plans.

How to know when to replace your AC Unit

Every HVAC unit has a lifespan, but fortunately, your AC unit will usually have warning signs when it’s about to die. You don’t want to lose your air conditioning when you need it the most. Here are a few things to look for if you think it might be time to replace your AC unit. 

  • Constant water or gas leaks
  • Loose ductwork or weak structure
  • Unaffordable energy bills
  • Dangerous Air Quality
  • Disturbing noises or smells
  • If its more than ten years old

Benefits of Professional HVAC Service

Save Money on Repair Costs

Skip the trouble of buying tools and expensive hardware. Avoid creating further damage to your home by trusting in a professional HVAC technician.

Prevent Potential Saftey Hazards

Working with large, electrical, or moving components can be extremely dangerous without the proper equipment and training.

Protect Your Modern Devices

Avoid messing with the efficiency and quality of your systems. They will wear and tear faster without expert repairs. Replacing an HVAC system is not only expensive but also wasteful.

Explore New System Features.

Our technicians at Daffan can provide you with the most expert advice about modern technology. We work with certified, safe, and clean brands.

Why Choose Daffan?

Trustworthy Customer Service

At Daffan, our HVAC contractors in Granbury always have the customers' best interest at heart. We take pride in our community and want to provide the Granbury area with reliable service. You can be sure that our repairs will last you for many years.

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We Exceed Expectations.

We will never settle for the bare minimum. We want you to partner with us for all your HVAC needs, and we vow to give you exceptional results every time. After partnering with Daffan, you’ll never want to return to other HVAC repair services again.

We Take Pride in Our Work

When we take on any repair job, we approach it creatively and passionately. We love what we do, and we want to provide only the best craftsmanship in our work. You will notice a difference between our craftsmanship and an amateur technician.

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We strive to offer the best AC installation, AC Repair, HVAC contractors, HVAC Repair Service, and HVAC service in Granbury. We make your indoor comfort our business, so you don’t have to stress about air conditioning repairs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preventative maintenance is when you contract an expert HVAC technician to come and inspect your HVAC system. They will perform common routine tasks such as checking your drain pan, testing your thermometer and any necessary HVAC repairs. Preventative maintenance is helpful because it elongates the lifespan of your HVAC system and ensures that you won’t have any surprise loss of air. HVAC systems that do not receive routine maintenance are much more likely to break down and experience more expensive repairs.
For any unexpected system breakdowns or large damages, we have emergency 24-hour service. We know that you don’t want to get stuck without your AC unit when you need it the most. Our HVAC specialists are available any time of the day for any of your HVAC emergencies.
There may be millions and millions of airborne particles and biological contaminants floating around in your home. The best way to improve indoor air quality is to change your air filters often. We also offer products that effectively clean the air in your home so that you and your family don’t have to worry about airborne particles.
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