Professional Cooling Services In Granbury and Surroundings

Daffan provides the best cooling services. We also provide amazing maintenance plans for your air conditioner.

All Daffan services are guaranteed to be efficient, affordable, and reliable. Our technicians make it a priority to maintain communication with you throughout our entire process. For the best residential AC services in Granbury, look no further than Daffan Cooling & Heating.

You can easily schedule service with us through our online contact form or call us for AC emergency repair 24 hours a day. We can’t wait to start your next AC repair, installation, or renovation.

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Stay Cool with our Trusted HVAC Technicians

We know how critical your AC unit is during the summer months. Working with an experienced and reliable technician is the best way to treat your AC unit with care. With your installation and repair needs, you must choose a technician you trust with your home’s indoor comfort.

The team of experts at Daffan will be able to treat your home as if it were their own. We prioritize your indoor comfort so you can stay cool all summer long. Call Daffan Cooling & Heating today to consult with one of our professional contractors.

If you notice any of these signs, have a professional AC technician from Daffan Cooling and Heating inspect your AC to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

Cooling Services We Offer

Air Conditioning Repair Service

At Daffan Cooling & Heating, our skilled technicians are always learning to remain current on the latest regulations, equipment, and advances with all major brands. We repair all makes and models, servicing geothermal, solar, heat pumps, dual fuel, ductless mini-splits, and straight electric systems.

We have not found equipment we did not know how to repair unless it’s beyond repair.

Air Conditioner Replacement and AC Installation

Our Equipment Specialists are experts with years of experience. They’re not just there to “sell” you on a replacement unit. They will thoroughly evaluate your home’s HVAC needs based on numerous factors, including square footage, number of windows and doors, and proper ductwork design.

We offer high-efficiency, Energy Star rated systems. Additionally, we have free Evaluation For System Replacement. No high pressure, no obligation to purchase.

Be sure to ask about special finance offers available to you. (With approved credit) Find out if your new equipment qualifies for a tax credit.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential for one of your home’s biggest investments: your heating system. Similar to having your car’s oil changed regularly to maintain optimal engine performance, your air conditioning system has many moving parts that require regular service for optimal efficiency.

Even your local utility companies recognize the importance of this procedure for peak efficiency by offering rebates to homeowners who ensure their equipment is regularly maintained by a professional. *Check with your local provider.

Our Technicians will assess your system’s critical components to ensure they’re achieving top performance. Visit our Daffan Maintenance Club to learn more about all the benefits and discounts you will be eligible for!

Why Choose Expert Service?

Proper Training and Experience

When you trust one of our HVAC contractors, you can be sure they will offer you the best care for your AC unit. Our staff has become highly trained, certified, and licensed so that you know your HVAC system is in good hands.
They have years of experience to back up their craftsmanship. Once you use our services, you’ll never want to partner with an amateur HVAC contract again.

Avoiding Further Damage

Unfortunately, homeowners that do not have the correct experience and equipment to tackle an HVAC project can do more damage. Improper AC installation can lead to a world of expensive repairs down the road.
An HVAC system that is incorrectly maintained or installed will never be able to heat your home efficiently. Don’t trust your Home Comfort to anyone but a professional.

Saving Money and Time

Our experts are passionate about their work, which means they know how to repair your furnace efficiently and flawlessly. When you attempt an HVAC repair at home, you’ll be spending money on equipment, wasting your valuable time, and perhaps creating more problems than you intended. Save your money and time by choosing a professional service.

The Best HVAC Performance

Your HVAC system is a machine that requires knowledgeable care. When you partner with experts to take care of your HVAC system, it will be able to perform at its best.
By partnering with one of our experts, you can achieve the most Indoor Comfort without paying exuberant prices on repairs.

Find Expert “AC Repair Near Me” in Granbury

Partner with Daffan Cooling & Heating if you’re ready to take the next step towards a cooler and more comfortable home. We offer the best installation, repair, and maintenance services for your air conditioning.

We always want to offer every client personalized service to receive the best care. Our job will never become finished until you are 100% satisfied. We always use the best equipment and technology to ensure we can get the job done fast and correctly.

Choose the highest expertise in Air conditioner repair near me: Choose Daffan!

Schedule a service here or call us at (817) 279-0582.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to avoid AC damage is to sign up for an annual maintenance program. Routine maintenance is beneficial for a number of reasons.

You can save money because a well-maintained AC unit will be more efficient. It will also catch damages early before they become very expensive to repair costs.

Small tasks like changing your air filters often and cleaning your outdoor units will also make a huge difference.


We offer a number of discounts to ease the financial burden for qualifying homeowners. Visit our discount page to see how you get up to 50% off on your next AC repair in Granbury.

We also offer Financing for qualifying clients. We understand the financial burden an untimely repair can bring. Visit our financing page to see if you qualify today.

We recommend Geothermal heating for the highest efficiency. Geothermal heating pumps use the heat from the ground and transform it into hot air for your home. It also acts as a heat sink during the summer.

Geothermal heating is also eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% of the installed cost. State and local incentives make geothermal a very affordable choice for homeowners.

Visit our geothermal page to learn more about how you can start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.