The Dreaded Dirty Sock Syndrome

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Repair vs. Replace It’s that time of year in Texas when you’re switching from heating to air conditioning, and back again, daily as the temperatures cannot decide what season it is yet. Typical Texas fall weather.

Have you noticed that putrid smell from your heating and air conditioning system that reminds you of your brother’s gym bag?  Yep, the very technical term for this is –

The Dreaded Dirty Sock Syndrome

What is it? And, more importantly how do I get rid of it?

It’s typically a buildup of mold and bacteria on your system’s evaporator coils.  It’s been sitting there just waiting for you to turn it on and stink up your house. Getting rid of it is easy, but requires upkeep.  Your annual maintenance checkup from Daffan includes the cleaning of your coils and 36 other check points.  This keeps the smell at bay by keeping your coils in tiptop shape.

If after all this the smell keeps returning, you may want to invest in a UV Light system to kill the bacteria on your coil, such as the UVPhotoMax system. Also, having high quality media filters will keep a lot of bacteria from getting to the coils.

If you’re experiencing a smelly situation consistently, not just when switching between heat and A/C,  you may have a different situation.

  • A dead animal in your ductwork (we’ve seen many)
  • Foul standing water in the drain pan
  • Leaky ductwork
  • Inadequate water traps or dry traps between drain lines and the plumbing system


We’re here to help with all your concerns, even the smelly ones.

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