Home Services In Granbury, Texas

Home Services In Granbury, Texas

Home Services in Granbury, Texas

Daffan Cooling & Heating has provided reliable air conditioning and heating services to homes and businesses in Granbury, Weatherford, Stephenville, and surrounding areas since 1999. We are honored to have been voted the “Best of Hood County” for eight years.

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HVAC Services We Offer in the Granbury and Surrounding Areas

Our company provides diverse heating and cooling services for residential areas and is capable of handling any HVAC equipment. Our team of certified technicians can assist you with even the most complex heating tasks.

HVAC Installation services

When you’re in need of a new AC or furnace we’ve got you covered. Our services include the installation of various cooling systems, such as Air conditioning units, mini-split or heat pumps. With our installation services, you can rest assured that we only use high-efficiency products from trusted and well-known brands.

HVAC Repair Services

When your HVAC system breaks down in the deadly season and you are in need of repair services. At Daffan Cooling & Heating, we offer fast, responsive HVAC repair services. We can inspect your cooling & heating systems, diagnose the problem, and provide the best solution that suits best you and your family.

Maintenance And Ductwork

The best way to keep your heating system running reliably each season is by scheduling routine preventative maintenance. Daffan Cooling & Heating can perform annual seasonal maintenance on your system, ductwork, and other components.

Other HVAC Services

We also provide general HVAC services. We can assess your entire HVAC system to determine what is wrong with your current equipment and recommend the best other options so can add to your home so you and your family can enjoy all the HVAC systems at their best.

Schedule Heating Services in Granbury, Texas

The last thing you need is for your heating system to go out during sub-freezing temperatures when the snow is piling up outside. Take care of any issues before winter arrives. Daffan Cooling & Heating can help you with complete heating services in Granbury, Texas. Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Furnaces

Annual furnace tune-ups are an essential part of maintaining the furnace. Before the manufacturer can honor a warranty, they will first ask you for any proof which shows that you have been servicing your unit. Most, if not all, producers of these systems provide an instruction manual with every unit. The manual will explain to you how the unit should be maintained.


Ideally, servicing should be done on an annual basis. However, if the furnace develops a problem at any other point, the wisest thing to do is to call a professional as soon as possible. You want to avoid having to pay more at a later stage because the issue will have worsened. So, make sure that you call an HVAC company with an excellent reputation to handle any problems with your unit before the problem gets worse.


The standard for many models is 15-20 years. So, if the unit is well-maintained, it can last for over ten years. Furnaces that do not receive regular maintenance will last far less. That means all things going well, you will not have to worry about saving for a new furnace before your current unit reaches ten years or so.