How Should I Prepare For the Summer Heat

How Should I Prepare For the Summer Heat | Daffan Cooling & Heating

Are You Ready for Summer?

Last month we were preparing for the Polar Vortex and boy, oh boy, it did not disappoint. Fast forward just a month later and we are preparing for the brutal Texas summer. So, what do you need to do to make sure your cooling and heating system is ready? We asked our Service Professionals and here are their recommendations:

  1. Ensure Good Airflow Around Your Outdoor Unit: When it’s dusty outside or you’ve been wearing your mask in the grocery store for a while, it may be uncomfortable to breathe due to the restriction of airflow. The same thing happens to your outdoor unit. If it is blocked by overgrown bushes, clogged with leaves, dirt, grass cottonwood, or a trashcan, it will be hard for the outdoor unit to breathe, putting unnecessary strain on the unit and possibly shortening its lifespan.
    In order to ensure your outdoor unit has plenty of good airflow to cool your home, wash it out at least once a month, trim any bushes or plants that may be blocking airflow, and when you mow or leaf blow, be sure to direct the clippings and leaves away from the outdoor unit.
  2. Change Filters And Have Extras On Hand: There are many factors that play into the frequency at which you should change your filters. Industry-standard recommends you change a one-inch filter at least every 30 days. If your system uses a thicker filter, you may be able to wait 60-90 days. Either way, we recommend you check your filters every 30 days to ensure there is not an unusual amount of dust, dirt, or hair built up causing a restriction in the airflow to your indoor unit.
    Some things to consider when determining how frequently to change your air filter are:
    • How many pets do you have? The more pets, the more hair, dirt, and dust in your air.
    • Is there any construction in your home like a remodel, repair, or renovation? Increased foot traffic, opening and closing of doors, and dust from saws can all lead to a dirtier filter sooner than you expected.
  3. Consider A Programmable Thermostat: The biggest benefit of a programmable thermostat is the money you will save. A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in your home based on your schedule. Therefore, if you like to set your thermostat lower or higher when you are away from home, you can set the thermostat to automatically change the temperature and decrease the amount of time the system will spend heating or cooling your home.
  4. Check Your Insulation: You are spending lots of money and your cooling and heating system is working very hard to keep your home comfortable. You don’t want all that valuable air to escape your living space because you have little to insulation. Before summer hits, take a look in your attic at the insulation. If you have less than ten inches of insulation, you may consider increasing it in order to ensure all the cold air your system is making stays in your home and not leaking out due to poor insulation.
  5. Check Your DrainLines: When your cooling system is working, it creates excess moisture that needs to be drained. To make sure you don’t encounter a clogged drain line that might lead to costly repairs, make sure you keep an eye on your secondary drain line. If you see water draining from it, it means your primary drain line is clogged. You can have a water overflow protection device installed to prevent water damage in the event the drain lines are clogged. A Daffan Service Professional can flush out the drain lines to clear any blockages.

As your home’s best friend, our desire is for your comfort during the hot Texas weather. If you want confidence you are ready for this summer, schedule a thorough inspection from one of our Service Professionals. They can check all the areas we’ve shared and more so you can have peace of mind all summer long. Stay cool out there, Daffan family!

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