Important News Regarding Equipment & Parts Availability

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Important News Regarding Equipment & Parts Availability

Tired of hearing these three words, “due to COVID”,…? Us too. We want to ensure all our clients, are aware of the worldwide supply chain disruption caused by COVID, February’s “Snowmageddon”, shipping delays, and pent-up demand. It’s a real issue in our industry. As economies all over the world experienced lockdowns, reduced capacity, and factory shutdowns, the ability to bring their manufacturing capacity up to pre-COVID has been spotty at best.

How did this shortage happen?

When COVID sent us all home last year, as many were sitting at home they decided to undertake new projects to make their home a more enjoyable place to ride out the COVID storm, therefore, increasing the demand for materials like wood for their new back porch, new cooling and heating equipment to make their home more comfortable, new appliances for their kitchen remodel, or maybe they decided to just build a whole new home.

However, behind the scenes at the manufacturing factories for things like lumber, steel, electronics, etc., they were having to lower capacity or shut down completely. This led to a dramatic decrease in supplies. And then fast forward to early this year when indoor capacities could increase and COVID restrictions lessened to allow more to go back to work to increase the supply, February’s “Snowmageddon” occurred, the container ship blocking the Suez Canal for six days both causing major shipping delays and add to that a massive shortage of employees to do the work that needs to be done.

All of these events over the last year and a half have created the perfect storm: lots of demand, but little supply.

How do this affect me?

Due to the equipment shortage, we are encountering issues obtaining parts to replace what may be broken in your current system or obtaining brand-new systems to replace your old one. And to clarify, this is not just a Daffan issue, this is a multi-industry concern.

Summer is here. Triple-digit temperatures are on the horizon. Our technicians currently have many parts on their vans and can generally fix your equipment on the same day. If a specific part must be ordered, there may be a delay. If you are needing a complete system replacement and have a specific brand or model in mind, there may be a delay, or the equipment may not be available at the time of purchase.

If you are currently experiencing an issue with your system, now would be the time to have it inspected to ensure we can help you as quickly as possible. Our vendors expect some parts and systems to become scarcer as the summer progresses.

What is Daffan doing to help you during this equipment shortage?

We are working very closely with our vendors on a daily and often moment-by-moment basis to receive updates on what equipment is available or how long it may take for us to receive a part. If you do need to replace your system, our Equipment Specialists will only offer you options that are available now, rather than options that may be delayed or completely unavailable. As mentioned before, our vendors expect some parts and systems to become scarcer as the summer progresses and demand increases.

When will things get back to normal?

It depends on who you talk to. Some say six months, some say a year, it really is up in the air. This is why we ask you to be patient with our team as we adapt to this new normal during one of the busiest seasons for HVAC. We strive to provide you with quick solutions, but unfortunately, we are beholden to our vendors to provide us with those solutions.

We thank you for your understanding. No matter what, we are your home’s best friend and we are ready to bring you the best service 24/7. Contact Daffan Cooling & Heating Today

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