Some Appliances That Can Save You Up To Two Hours A Day

Some Appliances That Can Save You Up To Two Hours A Day

When we talk to our Daffan Cooling & Heating customers, the conversation often steers itself toward energy efficient HVAC systems, efficient household appliances, and useful tips for saving on monthly utility bills.

And that’s fine with us, because if you’re happy about your heating and cooling bills, then it means we’re doing things right.

But just for fun, let’s focus on some cool new appliances that are designed to speed up mundane tasks like washing clothes and dishes, or cooking meals and making coffee.

So at least for today, Speed is King!

Consumer Reports recently reviewed several household appliances that manufacturers have designed with speed in mind. According to the magazine, homeowners are willing to pay a little extra to shave some time off their chores or cooking. Forty-one percent of subscribers under age 45 said they would pay more for a faster washing machine. Dishwasher owners said they’d be willing to pay an extra $50 for a unit that would clean dishes faster.

“The time savings really adds up: 15 minutes here, an hour there,” said Consumer Reports Deputy Content Editor Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman. “If a home was equipped with one of each type of product, consumers could save more than two hours per day!”

Here’s a roundup of some appliances in CR’s “Life in the Fast Lane” report that purport to give consumers back a nice chunk of time every day:

  1. The GE Profile PHP900DMBB Induction Cooktop ($1,400): Induction is fast because it uses an electromagnetic field to heat cookware. CR says these types of appliances can often heat a large pot of water 20 to 25 percent faster than a typical electric stovetop. In the GE Profile’s case, it heats water for a nice bowl of pasta about 4 minutes faster!
  2. The Kenmore 95073 Induction Range ($1,530): CR considered this one a “top pick,” because they liked its superfast heating and the self-cleaning feature of the oven. It heated the water for pasta about 3 to 4 minutes faster than a traditional range.
  3. DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio EDG455T Coffeemaker ($130): It may take forever to say the name of this appliance, but its single-serve coffeemaking ability is super-fast. CR estimates it beats the slowest pod-style coffeemaker by about 3 minutes.
  4. Samsung WF45H6300AG Washing Machine ($1,050): How would you like to save 20 minutes per load from the miserable drudgery of clothes-washing? CR says this machine can do just that, using its “SuperSpeed” option.
  5. Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7[5]UC Dishwasher ($730): CR declared this dishwasher a “Best Buy,” citing its cleaning ability, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. CR says this unit can save 110 minutes compared to the slowest model it tested! What will you do with all that time on your hands?

To learn more, grab the February 2015 issue of Consumer Reports or visit here.

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