Things To Look For When Hiring An HVAC Contractor

Things to Look for When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Things to Look For When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

When hiring an HVAC company in Texas for an installation or repair, you want a provider that offers reliable work and fast service at an affordable price. However, with all the options available in the Granbury area, you may not know how to distinguish one HVAC company from another.

Below is a quick guide on how to find a reputable HVAC contractor in Granbury, Texas. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the professionals at Daffan Cooling & Heating.

Establish Your Criteria for Finding a Texas HVAC Company

Once you understand what you are looking for in an HVAC professional, comparing companies in your area is much easier. So before we dig too deep, let’s establish the criteria. Consider the following checklist items when searching for an HVAC company near you.

  • Age and experience of the company
  • Certification working on your brand, model, or type of HVAC system
  • Reputation in the professional community
  • Online presence and reputation, including customer ratings and reviews
  • What their estimates and warranties offer
  • 24/7, emergency, and holiday availability

Notes: If you’ll notice, rates didn’t make the list above. There’s a good reason for that. First, you can compare rates between providers if you are looking for someone specifically in your budget. However, also look at value versus cost. Some HVAC companies in Texas charge more but may provide more value or perks for their services. So compare cost and value – not just cost.

Look For These Qualities In A Texas HVAC Company

Below are some characteristics of a reputable HVAC company that you can trust.

1. The Company Has All the Proper Credentials

There are lots of ways to compare HVAC companies. However, the deal-breaker has to land on proper credentials. In other words, you need to move on if a company doesn’t have these basic documents.

  • Certification in a particular HVAC field
  • Texas operator’s license
  • Liability insurance

HVAC technicians go through rigorous training to earn certification so that they can get a job. Companies must carry a Texas operator’s license and liability insurance to protect their employees and customers. Certification and licensure provide accountability in case anything goes wrong or there is a dispute between you and the contractor. It also demonstrates how committed the technician is to their craft.

2. The Company Has a Solid Reputation in the Industry

Once you’ve gotten the basic credentials out of the way, you need to look at how industry professionals and customers feel about the company’s products and services. One of the best ways to learn about a company’s past performance is to ask your family and friends. They may recommend an HVAC company in Granbury, Texas, or the surrounding area.

Another simple way to look at a company’s reputation is to look at customer ratings and reviews on popular sights. You can check out websites and platforms such as

  • Google reviews
  • Social media reviews (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Crowd-sourced review platforms (Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor)
  • Company website reviews

3. Look for Discounts, Specials, and Maintenance Plans

Something that many HVAC companies in Texas offer is some type of perk for using their service. You can usually find it on their website. When you visit the site, look for discounts or specials on services such as HVAC installation, repair, seasonal check-ups, or ongoing maintenance. Taking advantage of a special or a discount can save you money on core services and products.

Also, look for a contractor that has an HVAC maintenance plan. The plan usually includes an annual membership fee plus discounts and incentives for signing up. You can enjoy priority service, significant savings on maintenance and repairs, and member-only specials.

Try to compare plans and specials to get the best deals from local companies.

4. Compare HVAC Contractor Estimates

The HVAC service estimate tells you everything you need to know about the job, including labor and materials. Some of the items you should look for in an estimate include

  • Summary of work
  • Cost of project (labor + materials)
  • Warranty information
  • Contact information
  • Certification and credentials

A proper estimate should provide all the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about whether to hire the company. It should answer all perceived questions about the job. An estimate also guarantees that you get everything in writing, so there is no confusion during or after the job.

5. Compare Warranties

An honest and experienced HVAC contractor guarantees their work and the products they install with a warranty. Some companies have a combined or umbrella warranty that protects parts and labor. Other contractors offer a labor warranty and leave it up to the manufacturer warranty to back up the part.

In either case, you need some written guarantee that holds the contractor accountable if anything is to go wrong after the job. If you are taking bids for an HVAC job, ask the company about their warranties and how they guarantee the products they use, and the work they perform.

Schedule HVAC Services in Granbury, Texas

When you need a Texas-certified HVAC technician you can trust, turn to Daffan Cooling & Heating. We offer professional HVAC services in Granbury, Texas. Contact us today for an in-home assessment and get an estimate on HVAC work.

Fill out our contact form or call us to schedule HVAC services in Granbury, Texas.

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