5 Reasons Why Your Heating System Is Buzzing?

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5 Reasons Why Your Heating System Is Buzzing?

Furnace noise is typical and even expected. For instance, you may hear your furnace crackle, ping, or hum as it turns on, running, or off. However, some noises are unexpected and signify a problem. One of these noises is buzzing. Experts of Daffan Cooling & Heating share the most common reasons why your Heating System Is Buzzing.

A buzzing noise indicates that the furnace is experiencing a loose transformer box, bad blower motor, failing capacitor, or loose ductwork. If you hear your furnace buzzing or screeching, you should contact an HVAC company in Stephenville, Texas, to inspect the furnace and fix the problem. Below we look at common furnace problems associated with buzzing.

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Loose Transformer Box

Your transformer is the part of your home’s furnace that’s responsible for increasing or decreasing the voltage of your home’s alternating current. In simple terms, this part of your home transfers electric currents from one point to another.

If the mount on the transformer loosens, the box may buzz when the furnace kicks on. Typically, new furnaces have this problem because the box wasn’t properly installed. Because the box is loose, it vibrates every time there is a conversion.

Fixing this is simple and only requires a technician to tighten up the screws on the box. Although you might be tempted to address this issue on your own, you should be cautious. There’s a risk of electrocution.

Failing Capacitor

A furnace capacitor provides a steady supply of electricity to the fan motors, which move heated air through your system and out into your home. The capacitor needs to run smoothly for your furnace to function. Otherwise, your furnace won’t be able to heat your home.

Signs of a failing capacitor include:

  • Buzzing noise
  • Clicking noise
  • Acid burning smell
  • Inconsistent motor operation

A faulty capacitor might cause the furnace to become too hot internally, tripping a safety switch. If that happens, expect the furnace to shut down temporarily. If the blower runs slowly or becomes hotter than expected, it lets you know the capacitor is not holding its charge.

Blower Motor Problems

The HVAC blower motor is the heating and cooling systems component that sends conditioned air from the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner into the home. Once the system heats or cools the air, the blower motor forces it through the duct system and out the vents in rooms throughout the house.

When your blower has an issue, you might hear odd noises coming from your vents. You may notice a rattling or buzzing noise. These are signs that your blower has a problem, most likely with the bearings or a loose belt.

If you hear loud banging sounds, that’s a sign that something’s broken. While simple remedies like lubrication can quiet some sounds, other noises suggest a need to repair or replace the blower. It’s best to turn off the furnace and call a Texas HVAC technician.

Loose Ductwork or Dirty Air Filter

Over time, dust and debris get trapped in your air filters. The filters will become less effective and clogged if you aren’t regularly changing them. You might hear sounds such as

  • Thumping
  • Buzzing
  • High-pitched whistling

Try changing your air filter to see if the buzzing goes away. If not, there may be a problem with your air ducts. Air pressure is the most common reason you hear noise in your HVAC ducts. A buildup of pressure can cause rumbling sounds. It can also cause the metal to expand and contract. When the system comes on, the air pushes against the walls of ducts, expanding them.

If the loud buzzing sound seems to come from the duct system and not the furnace, loose connections may be to blame. As air is forced through the HVAC system, the pressure can cause loose sections of sheet metal to vibrate against each other. An HVAC technician can tighten the connections and reposition the ducts to eliminate the buzzing and banging noises.

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