Common HVAC Problems During Winter

Monday, December 27th, 2021

Because of the extreme temperatures of the Stephenville winter, your HVAC system might experience some problems. As you crank the heat to keep your home comfortable, your heater could struggle. And that’s after your system worked hard to cool your home all summer long. Learn about some of the common reasons you might need HVAC service and find out how a professional can help. 

Air Flow Seems Cool or Reduced

In the winter, you probably expect your heater to circulate warm air through your home. But what if that air is cooler than you expect or doesn’t flow as much as you think it should? Sometimes, this is a problem associated with dirty filters. 

As your filter collects particles, it becomes a barrier to air. The pores are large enough to allow air to pass through, but the particles reduce that ability. Due to this reduced air flow, your system needs to push harder to heat your home. 

It’s easy to prevent this from causing trouble. If you set a reminder to change your filters every three months, you can enjoy great airflow and warm air. As an added benefit, you’ll extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Uneven Heating

One room of your home might seem much colder than the others. Generally, there’s a simple explanation for this issue. You could have drafts from leaky windows or doors, or a leak in your ductwork. 

Obviously, the draft is a simple fix. You can reseal your windows and doors or install new ones. But fixing leaky ductwork is a little more difficult. First, you need to speak to your heating and cooling professional. They can check your ducts for leaks and repair them if necessary. 

Broken Thermostat 

One of the leading causes of a heater malfunction is a broken thermostat. After all, your heater can’t turn on if the thermostat doesn’t tell it to. Your thermostat could be out of batteries, have faulty wiring, or be in the wrong place. 

The first thing you should do is check your thermostat. If you don’t see anything on the display, the thermostat might need new batteries. Once you replace them, the system should kick on. 

Heat Pump Won’t Kick On

The low temperatures could be the reason your heat pump won’t turn on. If the fans and coils have ice or snow on them, they won’t work. No matter how hard your heater tries to turn on, it won’t be able to start up. 

If your system doesn’t already have an automatic defrost setting, you should consider hiring a professional. An expert in HVAC in Stephenville, TX can install a defrost system that prevents your heat pump from turning on. 

HVAC System Has Frozen Pipes

After a cold snap, you might notice ice on your HVAC pipes. The ice isn’t something you should ignore, as it can lead to the build-up of pressure and result in bursting

With that said, you shouldn’t try to defrost the pipes yourself. If you pour boiling water over the pipes or any part of the HVAC system, you could do damage. The only thing you should do is turn off the water and call your HVAC technician. 

Damage to Your Exterior Unit

Over the winter, your HVAC system could experience damage from the elements. A heavy snowfall could bring down big branches, which may fall on your exterior unit. Although this might not affect your heater, it could affect your air conditioner. When the spring rolls around, you may not be able to cool your home.

To prevent damage to your exterior unit, you should trim back tree branches. You may even want to remove some of the trees from the area. Trim back any bushes or tall grasses because the debris could wind up in your condenser.

If you have a system that doesn’t rely on the exterior unit to heat your home, you can cover it. Most hardware stores sell air conditioner covers, and they’re easy to install. When the weather gets rough, your exterior unit will be safe. 

Funny Smell

The first time you use your heater for the winter, you may notice a strange smell. This is normal and isn’t a cause for alarm. However, if you continue to notice a smell when your heater runs, call a professional. 

Gas heaters rely on gas as a heat source, and this may be a strange odor. Because gas is dangerous, you shouldn’t wait to call for help. If there’s a gas leak in your home, everyone is in danger. 

Similarly, the smell of fire or smoke is a sign of trouble. As soon as you notice the smell, turn off the system and get out of the home. Call an HVAC professional for help right away.  

Are You Ready for HVAC Problems This Winter?

It’s important to be ready for anything this winter. Before you have a problem with your heating and cooling system, you should call a professional for maintenance. The expert will perform a routine inspection that checks for common problems. Typically, the professional is able to identify issues before they cause your system to fail. 

If maintenance doesn’t seem to help or it’s too late for your HVAC, you should be ready to call in the pros. Not all HVAC companies provide the same level of service. You should know who you can depend on when your heating and cooling system fails you. 

The right company will be able to respond to your call quickly. On a cold winter day, you don’t want to be forced to wait around for someone to fix your heater. In fact, you may want to work with a company that offers an emergency repair service. 

Still Looking for an HVAC Service?

If you don’t already know who to call for your HVAC needs in Stephenville, it’s time to get out your phone. Here at Daffan Cooling and Heating, we can provide you with quality service and assistance. Whether you need an emergency repair or a small fix, you can count on us. Call us for HVAC service today.

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