Snakes, Birds, Lizards And Air Conditioners Don’t Mix

Snakes, Birds, Lizards And Air Conditioners Don’t Mix | Daffan Cooling & Heating

Snakes, Birds, Lizards And Air Conditioners Don’t Mix

We had to chuckle when we heard that a snake stuck inside an air conditioning unit made headline news.

At Daffan Cooling & Heating, we see this kind of stuff all the time, but it never crossed our minds to call the Hood County News. Maybe next time we will.

It’s very common to encounter all types of critters when working in and around HVAC systems. Our technicians are always cautious when opening panels up or slithering (like a snake) through crawlspaces.

This is why many homeowners and business owners call on a professional to check their air conditioning and heating systems. Who wants to be surprised by a black widow? Who wants to enrage a nest of hornets? Nobody, really. That’s why they leave it to the pros at Daffan!

One of the strangest things we’ve seen was a small flock of birds that somehow found their way into a furnace flue pipe. Sadly, they met a tragic demise at the hands of the inducer motor.

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Check out the photo montage below for some of the creepy crawlies we’ve seen out in the field.

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